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       Kakatkar Hospital was established in 1983 by Dr. Vijay Kakatkar. He was amongst the first few qualified Orthopaedic surgeons of Nashik. Beginning with a small set-up, the hospital expanded gradually & now boasts of a 60 bedded set- up with numerous in-house facilities.
Ramakrishna Medical Research Centre (RMRC) was developed to encourage training & research for young Orthopaedic minds. It has been a Post-Graduate Teaching Institute for D.N.B(Ortho) & D(Ortho) students, with more than 50 successful alumni.


- To provide affordable Orthopaedic treatment to all.
- To promote healthy bones & joints in society
- To restore & rehabilitate patients of accidents & injuries


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  • Joint replacement (Arthroplasty)

    Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure to restore the function of a joint. A joint can be restored by resurfacing the bones. An artificial joint (called a prosthesis) may also be used.

  • Arthroscopy

    Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure on a joint in which an examination and sometimes treatment of damage is performed using an arthroscope, an endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision..

  • Spine Surgeries

    Spinal fusion is surgery to permanently connect two or more vertebrae in your spine, eliminating motion between them. Spinal fusion involves techniques designed to mimic the normal healing process of broken bones...


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